Lake Lonsdale

Updated as of 4:10 PM 09 January 2019

Lake Lonsdale is a large, shallow reservoir located on the Mt William Creek. It has a very large catchment area. The Mt William Creek catchment is not reliable during times of drought but can be a substantial producer of water during wetter years.

Lake Lonsdale was originally developed to supply the Wimmera-Mallee Domestic and Stock channel system, however its role has changed considerably following completion of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline. Lonsdale continues to play a significant role in the overall water supply system; is a key source of water for the environment; and is highly valued for its recreational use.

General Information

​The lake is seen as a key recreation facility for the residents around Stawell.
Camping on the northern foreshore of the lake is popular.
Toilet facilities are available.
Dogs are permitted at lake.

Recreational Activities

​Swimming, water skiing and jet skis are permitted.
Camping is permitted in designated camping areas only.
Shooting of ducks is permitted during duck season, subject to seasonal restrictions.
Camp fires are permitted in designated fireplaces.

Current Operating Status

Current Level 184.720 m AHD
Current Volume 11,200 ML
Percent Full 21%
Current Inflows -810 ML/week
24 hour Rainfall 0 mmCummulative Inflows Graph
Current Releases 0 ML/day
Current Spills 0 ML/day
Current Airspace 42,100 ML


  • Levels have fallen since last report.
  • Inflows to the reservoir have decreased since last report.
  • The reservoir is not currently spilling.


AHD = Australian Height Datum, expressed in metres above mean sea level
ML = Megalitres