Picture: Lake Fyans


Sunday 13 Oct 2019

The Storage Manager has realeased its second quarterly operating plan supplement for October to December 2019. This supplement accompanies the Annual Operating Plan and looks specifically at reservoir system operation over the upcoming 3-month period. The Annual Operating Plan and operating plan supplements are available here

Friday 04 Oct 2019

The latest seasonal allocations for October 2019 have been announced by the Storage Manager


Reservoirs received 7,470 ML of inflow during September, which is around 18% of the September average. Although below average, these inflows have enabled Wimmera-Mallee Pipeline Product allocation to increase by 6% this month to have a 30% allocation. No allocation has yet been possible to Glenelg River Compensation Flow, Recreation entitlement, Wetland entitlement or Commonwealth environmental entitlement.

A October update on Reservoir operations is also now available.

Friday 06 Sep 2019

The latest seasonal allocations for September 2019 have been announced by the Storage Manager


Around 18,480 ML of inflow was received to reservoirs during August; this has resulted in an allocation increase from 3% to 24% for high reliability entitlement holders. No other allocation announcements have been made.

A Rocklands Reservoir to Taylors Lake transfer of up to 10,000 ML commenced in August and will continue throughout September.

Tuesday 27 Aug 2019

The Storage Manager has started a review of the Storage Management Rules for the for the Wimmera-Glenelg headworks system. The rules form the basis for how the system is operated day-to-day to support water security for the region. Read more or contribute to the review