Picture: Lake Fyans

The latest seasonal allocations for January 2024 have been announced by the Storage Manager.

Inflow to reservoirs during December was approximately 50% of average, with year-to-date inflow approximately 30% of the historic average. Allocation to Wimmera-Mallee Pipeline Product entitlements remained at 81%, with small increases to the Glenelg River Compensation Flow and Wetlands entitlements (from 25% to 26%), as well as a 2% allocation increase to the Recreation entitlement (from 20% to 22%). No allocation has been possible yet to Commonwealth Environmental entitlement.

A revised system reserve rule came into effect in 2022/23, with 45,000 megalitres now in reserve. The revised rule shares the available water between entitlements and the system reserve as soon as allocations commence. Details of the new reserve rule are available from the Storage Management Rules page.